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Welcome to Liaoning Metals & Minerals Enterprise Co. website.

Liaoning Metals & Minerals Enterprise Co. is established in 1998 and mainly dealing in importing Cu concentrate or ore, Zn/Pb concentrate or ore and Dried crab and shrimp shells etc. At same time we can provide and export as follows:

A. Non-Metallic Minerals:
1) Perlite
2) Kaolin
3) Zeolite ore/powder
4) Bentonite
5) Barite
6) Quarts sand /powder
7) Calcite (CaCO3)
8) Medicinal stone
9) Talcum powder
10) Quicklime
11) Limestone
12) Vermiculite
13) Mica block
14) Obsidian
15) Activated clay
16) Dolomite

B. Brown rice noodles
Buckwheat noodles,
Corn noodles,
Balck rice noodles
Sorghum noodles
C. Various SiC

Any enquiry about perliter, others minerals and chemcials please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are regularly Selling: barite, bentonite, caco3 zeolite, chitosan, kaolin calcite, limestone, perlite ore, quicklime, silicon carbide.

We are regularly Buying: copper concentrate or ore, dried crab shell, dried shrimp shell, lead ore and concentrate, tantalite ore, tantalum ore.

Main Business Activities
Animal Products - Fish & Crustaceans
Mineral Products - Ores, Slag & Ash
Mineral Products - Lime & Cement

Our Products
Sell perlite ore, unhydrous magnesium chloride
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